My Christmas Cards: How to Hand Letter Envelopes

I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards! There's something so special about coming home on a random day during the holidays to a Christmas card in your mailbox. So I mail each one of them, even to the family members I see weekly. When I worked at Curves in college, my boss and friend would always send cards that were a collage of all the fun things they did that year. I loved it so much, I've since made it a tradition as well.

2019: Hike to Abram's Falls in Cade's Cove, Bought our first home together, Soaking up the sun in Destin, Adventures on Smith Lake, Saw the Chainsmoker's and heard our song live, Adventures in Nashville ❤

I always purchase our cards in October from Walgreens photo center. They run 60% off on holiday cards around this time which allows me to buy the premium card stock at a reasonable price. This year we got 40 cards ($100) for right around $48 or so. If you do this, make sure you get the premium, heaviest card stock that lets you choose the corner cut. They have to be mailed to the stores typically because they don't do them in-house, which makes them higher quality.

(This specific card type and layout: 5x7 Flat Card Set, 120lb - Joy Peace Love Family)

I love sitting down to make my list of folks. I use to store my addresses so I have easy access to them each year or any other random time I need them.

Now to decorate the envelopes! I got my cute stickers from Target this year. I also used a silver and gold Sharpie and some holiday stamps.

Here is how I get my fauxligraphy look:

I pencil on the last name pretty large first.

Then go over it with a gold Sharpie.

Then, anywhere on a letter that had a down-stroke gets a thicker outline.

Next, I color in that outline.

After that, I add the address in black pen a little smaller under the last name.

All that's left is to add some fun stickers, some silver snowflakes (asterisks), and a return address on the back!

I have so much fun making these! What do your cards look like this year?

Happy Holidays!

A collage of photos for Heather Corinne's blog: Warm cup of coffee, yarn and gold scissors.