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Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy

This creepy, cute Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy is a free pattern here on my blog! The beginner friendly pattern works up quickly and is the perfect Halloween crochet gift idea! Keep scrolling for the free pattern and video tutorial!

Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy Free Pattern Displayed on Mug and flat.

Pattern Design + Construction:

The design for my crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy is simple and fun. With a few quick color changes and some embellishments, we can create a cute and cohesive Frankenstein look! This cup cozy is the perfect Halloween sweater for your mug (or year round if you're a weirdo like me). It adds texture and an element of coziness to your morning brew!

I have an affinity for all things creepy-cute and Halloween related! This free pattern is inspired by one of my all-time favorite Frankenstein pics. To me, he looks like he is about to create something amazing! Maybe he's going to play a mad piano piece or type a scary campfire story. Anyway, good ole' Frank is saying 'be creepy with me!' which is so fun and playful and so me ha! So let's create something creepy together! Be creepy with me!

Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy inspiration pic.

This free pattern works up quickly using only the single crochet stitch, which makes it the perfect Halloween crochet gift idea. Using simple stitches makes this pattern super beginner friendly and fun! We'll be using a quick 'drop' stitch on the bottom row of his hair, but don't worry it's an easy trick!

The base of the coffee sleeve is worked in flat rows to create a rectangle. The coffee sleeve base is seamed together at the end using a tapestry needle. The safety eyes and mouth are added at the end a voila! The finished coffee cozy measures approximately 4" tall by 4" wide when lying flat.

Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy on a reusable Starbucks mug
Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy on a reusable Starbucks mug

This coffee cozy is designed to fit a standard reusable Starbucks travel mug. The sizing of your coffee cozy can easily be adjusted to fit your mug of choice (see the mug size adjustment detail in the pattern below for adjustment instructions).

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Crochet Frankenstein Cozy Free Crochet Pattern


For this free pattern, we're using medium (4) worsted weight yarn. It's the perfect size and durability for a crochet coffee cozy and most of us have worsted weight yarn on hand in a variety of colors (don't we?...can't be just me). I enjoy using Red Heart Super Saver yarn because of its availability in most craft stores and the affordable price per skein. You could easily substitute for other brands and colors as long as the ounces per gram are similar.

For this Frankenstein Coffee Cozy, I'm using the following colors:

  • Red Heart Super Saver, Medium 4, 7 oz / 198 g, in the color Frosty Green

  • Red Heart Super Saver, Medium 4, 7 oz / 198 g, in the color Light Jasmine

  • Red Heart Super Saver, Medium 4, 7 oz / 198 g, in the color Black

Additional Crochet Supplies:

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This pattern is written in US crochet terminology.

  • Chain

  • SC - Single Crochet

  • Drop Stitch (we will just be dropping to the row directly beneath the working row)

  • * - Repeat sequence until the end of the row.

For the PDF printable, ad-free pattern: CLICK HERE

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To follow along with the video tutorial: CLICK HERE

Mug Size Adjustment

This free pattern is designed to fit a standard Starbucks reusable mug. However, you can easily adjust your chain stitch amount on the base of the coffee cozy pattern to fit the mug of your choice! You'll chain the amount that fits perfectly around your mug + 1 chain stitch. For instance, if 32 stitches fit perfectly around your mug you will chain 33 and each row will be 32 stitches.

Frankenstein Coffee Cozy - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy Free Pattern finished and displayed on a coffee mug in the kitchen.

Coffee Cozy Base:

With purple, chain 35

Rows 1-4: SC in each stitch, chain 1 (34 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 4th row, switch to green leaving a long purple tail

Rows 5-13: SC in each stitch, chain 1 (34 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 13th row, switch to black leaving a long green tail

Row 14: SC in the first 3 stitches, drop stitch in the next*, chain 1 (34 stitches)

Row 15: SC in each stitch, chain 1 (34 stitches)

Tie off with a long black tail.

Cozy Assembly / Invisible Seam:

  • Fold the coffee cozy with the wrong side facing out (best side on the inside) and line up the rough edges.

  • Using a tapestry needle and the long tail, stitch the rough ends together. You can use a whip stitch, or a simple back and forth stitch. Pay close attention to the top and bottom of the join to ensure it won't pull apart when stretched over the mug.

  • Tie off toward the center and weave in the loose ends.

  • Trim any excess yarn.

  • Turn right side out.


Secure the safety eyes in place. I use a wire cutter to snip the excess post from the back of the eyes. This helps the eyes to lie as flat as possible against the mug.

Using a yarn needle and black yarn stitch on a cute little mouth.

Crochet Frankenstein Coffee Cozy free pattern (beginner friendly), two finished mug cozies.

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(You're welcome to make and sell items using my patterns but do not use my pattern or pictures and claim them as your own. Clearly credit the design to me and provide a link back to my pattern. Personal Use Only. ©2020 Heather Corinne)


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