Minimalist Christmas Home Tour 2019

Happy December and Welcome to my Minimalist Christmas Home Tour! We moved into our home in August of this year and doubled the square footage of our cozy apartment. Needless to say, we did not have enough 'stuff' to fill all the space for activities! Our approach has been to thoughtfully select new, functional pieces that fit our minimalist style without just mindlessly buying things to fill the space. My approach to our Christmas decor has been to add enough to feel the holiday spirit outside and on the main floor while keeping our clean, uncluttered style. I'll link any of the products I can for you, but we also reused many items and purchased some secondhand (this post contains affiliate links).

I like to start most of my projects with a Pinterest board for inspiration and cohesion. Click here to see my holiday inspiration board. If I had to name our style, I'd call it Minimalist Scandinavian; I used a lot of white and green with hints of gold and red.

Outdoor Decor:

For our outdoor lights, I found these four sets of net lights on Facebook Marketplace for $20 and picked them up from a local neighborhood. They are super easy to put up! Keith connected them to a timer so they are automatically on when we get home from work. There's nothing better than getting home at night and your lights are there to greet you!

One of my favorite YouTube channels was promoting twinkle curtain lights in large windows and I loved the idea. The ones they used were over $50 each so I decided to do some searching. I found these twinkle curtain lights on Amazon for $15.99.

We hung them in our bay window. They are so easy to put up with some push pins and have several different light settings. The picture doesn't do them justice. They looks so nice from the road!

Our front door faces the sun for the greater part of the day and that sucker gets HOT. I tried several different wreaths and door hangers when we first moved in and they all melted. Thus, we can only put super durable decor on our front door. I found this adorable snowflake at the At Home store. They run sales on seasonal decor quite often. I want to say I found this one during a 20-30% off weekend. See how I left the tag on there to judge how it held up to the sun? XD It seems to be just fine!

I've never thought to use a garden flag, but there was a garden flag stand here when we bought the home and I started using it as a backup guide to park my car! So we decided to keep it! I've been having fun finding new flags to switch out. This Merry Christmas Poinsettia is from Amazon for $9.99, which was a steal compared to the ones at Christmas Village this year.


This table sits in our foyer. It serves as a storage space for our daily carry items. I wanted to keep it simple and added just a few holiday items.

  • These adorable little trees, which you will see more of on our mantle, came from the Hearth and Hand Collection at Target. They sell them separately in the store if you don't want a set of three.

  • The gold triangle tree is from At Home. It was not with the Christmas decor, but I thought it looked like a tree! You'll see it again in other areas as well!

  • The glitter pine cones and cinnamon sticks are a few years old. They came in a potpourri bag of sorts and smell amazing. I can't remember exactly where I got them! You'll also see more of them spread throughout our decor.

  • On the other side of our entryway table is this wooden bud vase from Target. I change out the picks for the seasons. The tall green, gold, and red berry picks are from At Home. They came several to a packet for less than $3.00. The green picks came in an assorted pack from Target for $5.00.

  • The 'Season's Greetings' calendar holds a lot of sentimental value. When Keith and I worked together and were just friends, he taped it to my office wall during the holidays. It stayed for years and every time he left my office, regardless of the time of year, he said, "Season's Greetings."

Living Room/Dining Room:

Our living room/dining room is probably my favorite space in our home. It's so open and cozy and we spend most of our time in here.

Keith's mom purchased a new tree this year and was kind enough to gift us her old one. This 9 ft. pre-lit tree fits perfectly in our new living room with the tall ceilings. The best part is I only have one ornament on it.

I have an idea of what I want it to look like (see my Pinterest board ) I just didn't feel like decorating it this year. I've looked at several stores, but haven't found anything I'm in love with. It looks perfectly festive without ornaments or the stress of buying them right now! One of the beauties of the minimalist lifestyle is understanding you don't have to do anything especially if it brings more stress than happiness. So stay tuned for potential ornament adventures next year.

I've also re-purposed one of our white cozy blankets as a temporary tree-skirt! Super easy and no storage necessary. This amazing blanket is from Target.

I filled the basket on our coffee table with some gold ornaments I had from several years ago and a candle. This is one of my favorite candles from Candlelight Company in the scent Japonica Berry. I really like these because they come with gold lids.

I love some cozy pillows! The three solids on the left are always on our couch, so I've added in a cute Merry pillow I snagged at Christmas Village this year and a gold tree pillow from At Home. The faux fur pillow and white blanket are from Target. This blanket is the same as the one I used for the tree skirt.

I think our mantle may be my favorite holiday area! We kept it simple since our sound bar sits on top. The little wooden deer were my parents' from when they were first married.

On the left and right sides of the sound bar, I've placed two of the little trees I showed you earlier and some of the glitter pine cones and cinnamon sticks. The adorable white reindeer is from Target. I could not find him on their website, but he was $5.00.

On the right side of the mantle is our cute little ceramic house. I found this in the Target Dollar Spot back in August when we moved in. I thought it looked like our tall townhouse and it stays there as we change the seasonal decor.

I am obsessed with our cable knit stockings! I had been looking for the perfect ones for a while and found these in the Target Hearth and Hand collection this year! I found one in my local Target, but needed two so I was hesitant to buy it. Finally, they added them to the website so I ordered us two! They were a bit pricey for stockings, but so worth it because I love them.

On one of our end tables, I have this white and gold metal snowflake. I've had this for a few years as well and I want to say I found it at Michael's.

Our dining table centerpiece is also one of my favorite things!

  • The wooden cake stand is from World Market. I've had it for a while too and just change out the candles and decor. It smells so good.

  • The greenery is a $5 garland from the Target Dollar Spot. I wrapped it up to stay in a circle around our candle and topped it with some more of those pine cones and cinnamon sticks.

  • Our current candle is Bath and Body Works Flannel. I wait until these go on sale to stock up, because you will not find me spending $24 on a candle.

Our buffet table sits behind our dining table and I like to keep it simple here as well.

  • I found this cute tree on sale at Michael's last year. I love the burlap base and the little pine cones all over.

  • Here we also have another of these gold triangle trees and the most adorable furry hedgehog from At Home. I love this little guy!!! Keith and I haven't decided on a name for him. Any suggestions?


We also kept the holiday decor simple in our kitchen! (I recently spray painted our cabinet knobs and am in love!)

If you checked out my holiday Pinterest board, you saw I love the idea of garland around the kitchen window! This current setup is not ideal for me, but works for now. I used this pre-lit garland around my front door at my previous house and at our apartment so it is well used. Just like the tree ornaments, I'll maybe think about something new next year. I'd like something more natural looking. We are also planning to replace these blinds with a roman shade.

On the counter to the left of the sink I have more of the berry picks in a small vase and these adorable gingerbread men cookie cutters! They have a gold silicone edge and I could always use them for baking too! They came in a set from At Home on sale in October.

On the other side of our kitchen counter, I have this tabletop tree from the Target Hearth and Hand Collection. Next to the tree we have a Village Candle in the scent Balsam Fir from Publix. It makes the whole house smell like Christmas!

We have a breakfast table on the other side of our kitchen with a few holiday items as well.

  • More berry picks from At Home and fir picks from the Target assorted pack in another wooden bud vase. Once again, I change the picks out for the seasons.

  • This cute ceramic tree is also from Target for only $3.00. In case you haven't noticed, I love Target.

  • We also have another fir candle on this table.

This letter board is another Target find. We love the Elf movie, so I thought this would be a great first Christmas quote for our board! So many possibilities. Let's talk about how long it takes to arrange all these letters and pop them in though...

On top of the letter board, I've got two more picks from the Target assorted pack.


I've also decorated my table in my cubicle at work! The trees are from At Home with yet again more pine cones and cinnamon sticks. The twinkle lights and Joy garland are from Target.

As you can see, I've taken the time to purchase items on sale and make the most of multi-packs. This also helps keep the style and colors cohesive throughout our home. Before I purchase or accept anything hand-me-down I ask myself if it fits our style and color palette. I've reused a lot of items we previously had and sprinkled in holiday decor among our year-round items to keep it simple, inexpensive, and stress free.

I hope you have enjoyed my Minimalist Christmas Home Tour! I plan to do more in-depth room tours as we continue to renovate so let me know if you've enjoyed this one!

Wishing your family the happiest of holidays!

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