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Updated: Feb 5

Hello, hi & welcome back! Today I'm sharing my step by step tutorial for creating these adorable bulky, rustic pumpkins! These are the perfect fall decor addition to your home or office space! They work up super quickly which also makes them the perfect gift idea.

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Video Tutorial:


  • Chain

  • HDC - Half Double Crochet

  • Slip Stitch

Materials (affiliate links):

Rustic Pumpkin Crochet Pattern:

Chain 17

Row 1: HDC in the 3rd chain from your hook, HDC in the next 14 stitches, chain 2 & turn (15 stitches)

Rows 2-15: HDC in the back loops only of each stitch (15 stitches)

DO NOT tie off, I always mess up here and cut my yarn :)

*You could easily adjust the size of your pumpkins based on how many stitches/rows used. This pattern is 15 stitches per row and 15 rows. You could increase or decrease as long as the stitches and rows are the same number. For example, if you wanted a bigger pumpkin you could chain 22 (20 plus the chain 2) and do 20 rows.*

To Join:

Put both ends of your pumpkin together (the foundation chains and the row you just finished) and slip stitch them together all the way down. Once you reach the end, chain one and tie off with a long tail.

Using a tapestry needle, weave the tail in and out around one of the openings pulling it closed as you go around.

Then add your stuffing to the desired plumpness (less is more since this bulky yarn can be seen through if overstuffed).

Insert your yarn needle through the bottom center of the whole you just closed and bring it up through the stuffing and out of the top. Place your stem into the center as a guide.

Now repeat the weaving around the edges of the top opening until it is closed around your stem securely. Then carefully insert your needle down through the top center and out the bottom, pulling tight to create the pumpkin shape in the center. Tie off and trim excess.

Add your cute bow!

Don't forget to pin this pattern for later!

I hope you have enjoyed creating with me!

(I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram @heathercorinne_ or Facebook @heathercorinnecrochets)

(You are welcome to make and sell items using my patterns but do not use my pattern and/or pictures and claim them as your own creations. Clearly credit the design to me and provide a link back to my pattern. Permission is not granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind.)

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