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Crochet Christmas Tree Snow Globe

These Crochet Christmas Tree Snow Globes make a quick holiday garland or set of crochet coasters! Here you'll find the free crochet pattern and video tutorial!

Left: The Christmas Tree Globe completed; Right: Two Christmas Tree Snow Globe coasters, one with a white mug on top.

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Pattern Design + Construction

This quick and easy crochet pattern makes the perfect holiday table décor! Using a few basic stitches, this free pattern is a quick way to add a festive Christmas touch to any space. The versatile design is perfect for crochet coasters, bunting, ornaments or an applique!

Two side by side Christmas Tree Snow Globe coasters

Each Crochet Christmas Tree Snow Globe is worked in a spiral using single crochet. The snow globe base is crocheted onto the globe circle. The Christmas tree is stitched on using a tapestry needle, while the snowflake button is attached using a traditional needle and thread. The finished snow globes measure approximately 3.5 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall. You could easily make this pattern larger by increasing your yarn weight and crochet hook sizes.

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A pinterest graphic for the Christmas Tree Snow Globe Coasters - Free pattern + video at


For this free pattern, we'll be using medium (4) worsted weight yarn. I really enjoy using worsted weight yarn for most of my projects because of the versatility as well as the availability in most craft stores. Worsted weight yarn also tends to come in very affordable brands. You can easily substitute with other brands and colors as long as the ounces per gram are similar. I've used the following for this project:

Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the color Cafe Latte.

Additional Crochet Supplies:

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Crochet Stitches:

This pattern is written in US crochet terminology.

  • Chain

  • Magic Circle

  • SC - Single Crochet

  • INC - Single Crochet Increase

  • Slip Stitch

For the PDF printable, ad-free pattern: CLICK HERE  

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To follow along with the video tutorial: CLICK HERE

Christmas Tree Snow Globe - Free Crochet Pattern

Two Christmas Tree Snow Globes on a counter, one with a white ceramic mug on top.

Coaster Base:

With white yarn,

Round 1: In a magic circle, SC 6, pull tight (6 stitches)

Round 2: INC in each stitch (12 stitches)

Round 3: INC, SC in the next 2 stitches* (16 stitches)

Round 4: SC, INC, SC in the next 2 stitches* (20 stitches)

Round 5: SC in the first 4 stitches, INC* (24 stitches)

Round 6: SC, INC, SC in the next 4 stitches* (28 stitches)

Round 7: SC in the first 4 stitches, INC, SC in the next 2 stitches (32 stitches)

Round 8: INC, SC in the next 7 stitches* (36 stitches)

Slip stitch into the next stitch, tie off with a long enough tail to weave in.

The white circle of the Christmas Tree Snow Globe.

Snow Globe Base/Stand:

With brown yarn, join to the white circle anywhere you like

Row 1: SC 7, chain 1 (7 stitches)

Row 2: INC, SC in the next 5 stitches, INC, chain 1 (9 stitches)

Row 3: SC in each stitch, chain 1 (9 stitches)

Tie off and weave in the end.

The brown snow globe base crocheted onto the white circle of the Christmas Tree Snow Globe.

Christmas Tree Embellishment:

Using a tapestry needle and green yarn,

Stitch on a tree in a zig-zag pattern getting smaller towards the top.

Tie off on the back side and trim any excess yarn.

A tapestry needle and green yarn used to stitch on the tree

Christmas Tree Star:

Using a traditional needle and thread, attach a snowflake button to the top of the tree.

You could also stitch a star shape with yarn if you'd prefer not to purchase buttons.

The wooden snowflake button attached to the Christmas Tree Snow Globe.

Two completed Christmas Tree Snow Globes side by side.

I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram @heathercorinne_ or Facebook @heathercorinnecrochets

Chat with you soon,

Initials HC and a heart for Heather Corinne.


More free crochet patters: Christmas Tree Garland, Heart Garland, Candy Corn Garland

(You're welcome to make and sell items using my patterns but do not use my pattern or pictures and claim them as your own. Clearly credit the design to me and provide a link back to my pattern. Personal Use Only. ©2023 Heather Corinne)


Blue Blue
Blue Blue
Dec 27, 2023

Please revkse the rounds. In each round, INC stays the same, It's the number of SC in between that changes. Don't you think?

Heather Corinne
Heather Corinne
Dec 27, 2023
Replying to

You're right, I had an error in my stitch counts but I've now corrected it. So sorry!


Blue Blue
Blue Blue
Dec 27, 2023

There's something wrong with your rounds. In Round 3, don't you do INC alternated with 1 SC?

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