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DIY Woven Wreath Tutorial

Hello, hi & welcome back! I'm so excited to share my DIY Woven Wreath Tutorial with you! This soft, cozy wreath makes the perfect year-round minimalist door hanger for your front door and is an excellent house-warming gift idea! These wreaths are so quick and easy to whip up!

Each wreath is comprised of a wire wreath form which is hand-woven with wool yarn. Don't let the 'hand-woven' part fool you! It is very simple! I've included step-by-step photos and a video tutorial below. The wreath is embellished with the greenery of your choice and hung with jute. You can easily change the sizing of your wreath form, yarn color, and greenery for added variation!

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Materials (affiliate links):

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Video Tutorial:

I love a good video tutorial! This video of my DIY Woven Wreath Tutorial is designed as a visual tool to go along with the written steps found here on my blog. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun DIYs and tutorials!

DIY Woven Wreath Tutorial

Jute Hanger:

First we will create a little jute hanger and attach it to the wreath form.

  • I did this by running a string of jute around one of the vertical posts on the wreath form, then tied it in a knot. When weaving the wool onto the wreath, just be sure to keep the knot at the bottom so we can cover it.


This jumbo wool yarn naturally splits in half, so we will be working with sections of 1/2 of the yarn.

Cut manageable sections of yarn and begin weaving over and under vertically around the wreath. The yarn stays intact better if you pull it all the way through each pass before moving onto the next over or under.

When you come to the end of a section, split it in half again and tie a double knot on the back side, wrapping one end around one of the wires. Or you can leave the tails long enough to tie them together and trim any excess (I chose this method, making sure to end in the center on the back each time).

When you get to the vertical posts, you'll want to alternate front to back while going over and under with the yarn to cover the post entirely.


Add the desired amount of greenery where you would like it on the wreath and secure it with a little jute bow. This allows you to easily change it out if you'd like.

I hope you have enjoyed creating with me! I had so much fun designing this DIY Woven Wreath Tutorial!

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(You're welcome to make and sell items using my patterns but do not use my pattern or pictures and claim them as your own. Clearly credit the design to me and provide a link back to my pattern. Personal Use Only. ©2020 Heather Corinne)

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