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Rainbow Crochet Scarf

My Rainbow Crochet Scarf is a free pattern here on the blog! The soft and stretchy texture of the half double crochet and colorful stripes make this the perfect statement infinity scarf. Keep scrolling for the free pattern and video tutorial!

Rainbow Crochet Scarf free pattern shown completed.

Pattern Design + Construction:

This rainbow crochet scarf is worked into flat rows using back loop only, half double crochet stitches to create a long rectangle. Alternating yarn colors in unison with the back loop only stitch creates a gorgeous textured rainbow. The completed rectangle is seamed together into an infinity scarf circle using a tapestry needle. The finished piece measures approximately 56 inches in circumference and 5 inches in width.

The Rainbow Crochet Scarf free pattern displayed folded.

This pattern was designed in one universal size based on my favorite cotton scarf my Nana gave me, but one could easily adjust the base chain stitch amount to create a larger or smaller circumference. Another fun feature of this crochet scarf is the option to create it as a traditional style scarf instead of an infinity style by not attaching the ends of the rectangle in the last step.

My favorite aspect of actually making this crochet scarf is its mindless, Netflix & Crochet compatibility. Seriously, I de-stressed while making this lovely piece by watching my favorite shows and stitching right along. It's also extremely beginner friendly by only requiring chain and half double crochet stitches.

Pin this Rainbow Crochet Scarf Free Crochet Pattern to your crochet board on Pinterest so you can easily locate it later!

Rainbow Crochet Scarf free pattern Pinterest Pin


This rainbow crochet scarf pattern calls for medium Worsted Weight (4) Yarn. I love designing projects using worsted weight yarn. It's the yarn I consistently have the most of on hand in a variety of colors. It's versatile and wears well while also being soft and cozy which is perfect for a scarf pattern. Sometimes after I've finished a project, I'll even wash it with a little fabric softener to elevate the cozy level even more!

For this project, I used Red Heart Super Saver, Medium 4, 7 oz / 198 g in the following colors:

  • Hot Red

  • Pumpkin

  • Bright Yellow

  • Paddy Green

  • Royal

  • Amethyst

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in the color Amethyst
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in the color Amethyst
Rainbow Crochet Scarf showing rainbow of yarn colors and up close stitches.

Additional Crochet Supplies:

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This pattern is written in US crochet terminology.

  • Chain

  • HDC - Half Double Crochet

For the PDF printable, ad-free pattern: CLICK HERE

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To follow along using the video tutorial: CLICK HERE

Rainbow Crochet Scarf Pattern:

(At the end of each color change, leave a long tail for creating the seam at the end.)

With red yarn, chain 201

Row 1: HDC in each stitch, chain 1 (200 stitches)

**For rows 2-12 we will be crocheting in the back loop only (BLO).**

Row 2: HDC, in each stitch, chain 1 (200 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 2nd row, switch to orange yarn

Rows 3-4: HDC, in each stitch, chain 1 (200 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 4th row, switch to yellow yarn

Rows 5-6: HDC, in each stitch, chain 1 (200 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 6th row, switch to green yarn

Rows 7-8: HDC, in each stitch, chain 1 (200 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 8th row, switch to blue yarn

Rows 9-10: HDC, in each stitch, chain 1 (200 stitches)

on the last stitch of the 10th row, switch to purple yarn

Rows 11-12: HDC, in each stitch, chain 1, tie off (200 stitches)


Line up both ends of your scarf, making sure the scarf is not twisted; we want a perfect circle/oval shape. You'll notice one side has all of the long tails and one side does not. Using a tapestry needle and the corresponding tail colors, join the ends together using a whip stitch. We'll then weave in the remaining tail and trim any excess.

I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram @heathercorinne_ or Facebook @heathercorinnecrochets

Chat with you soon,


(You're welcome to make and sell items using my patterns but do not use my pattern or pictures and claim them as your own. Clearly credit the design to me and provide a link back to my pattern. Personal Use Only. ©2021 Heather Corinne)

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1 Comment

This scarf looks almost exactly like one I produced a few years ago. While I didn't write a pattern, I made several that year. I'm not mad, but I was surprised to see it here. Did you come up with this yourself or did you see it somewhere and think it was such a good idea you decided to start making them yourself?

Georgianna Miller

Louisville, KY

A collage of photos for Heather Corinne's blog: Warm cup of coffee, yarn and gold scissors.
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