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Minimalist Yarn Storage & Organization

Tour my minimalist yarn stash! I'm sharing my full yarn collection and all of my yarn storage and organization tips.

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I've been crocheting for many years now and have tried several yarn storage methods. I've searched all over Pinterest, YouTube and the internet in general for the best ways to store my yarn and haven't found anything that worked really well for me, so I made my own way. This method I've been using has been time tested for 3+ years and I've been loving it. So I thought I would share it with you in case you may find some useful tips as well.

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Minimalist Yarn Storage & Organization

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Vertical Yarn Storage

The most important piece of yarn storage knowledge I've gained has been to store the skeins vertically. In the past, I had a beautiful cabinet where all of the yarn colors were displayed stacked horizontally. It was absolutely gorgeous, but NOT functional for me. I would pull out a skein and never be able to get it back without making a bigger mess. So I would end up stacking it in the floor or on top, out of color order. I'll insert a photo below (excuse the photo quality this was many years ago).

A white cabinet with yarn stacked horizontally.

So once I started storing my yarn vertically, it was life changing for functionality. I can now easily take out the skeins I need and putting them back in color order is just as simple.

Tip: I also use a yarn winder to clean up my skeins when they get too messy.

Yarn baskets with labels for red, orange, purple, blue.

Manageable Yarn Stash - Container Method

The second most important piece of yarn storage knowledge I've gained is utilizing the container method. The container method is a really popular technique in minimalism where you choose a container to store your items in and set a limit on what you own based on what fits inside the container. I know this can be a pain point for yarn collectors, so please don't crucify me. This is just what is working for me. Take it or leave it :)

A white shelf with 12 baskets of yarn.

The rule I've set for myself is 12 baskets that my yarn must fit in comfortably. I mainly work with acrylic, worsted weight yarn so I choose to store mine by color with two baskets for non-acrylic or non worsted weight. The labels can seem obviously redundant; however, they've helped me keep clear categories for what belongs in each basket. I can't trick myself into mixing colors together to keep more yarn than I need.

A white shelf with 12 baskets of yarn organized by color.

In the past, I had large storage buckets for yarn overflow. Being a crochet artist, I accumulated SO much more yarn than I could ever use and it honestly overwhelmed me at times. So now I ask myself, "am I realistically going to use this yarn for a project?" and if the answer is "probably not" or I have to convince myself I may use it sometime, it gets donated. I understand this may be challenging for really pricey specialty yarns, but I mostly use affordable options. I've found the container method prevents me from wasting money and time shopping for yarn when I could be using the yarn I already have.

Hair Clip Tip

Recently, I've added in hair clips to keep the ends from unraveling. I've also used them to clip the folded yarn information labels on if I'd like to keep them.

Gold hair clips holding yarn from unraveling.

Crochet Supplies & Organization Tools I've Used:

Below is a list of the items seen/referenced here. By no means am I saying you should go out and buy these things because what works for me may not be the right solution for you.

If you do make a purchase using these links, you're supporting this blogger at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

I hope you've found some useful tips and inspiration from my yarn storage and organization methods. I would love to see your yarn stash! Tag me on Instagram @heathercorinne_ or Facebook @heathercorinnecrochets

Chat with you soon,

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